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A complete Exact Mixing System includes the mixer, blender, materials handling and ingredients metering, as well as the control system that monitors and distributes product between them.

Exact Mixers have seamless, integrated controls for mixing and bulk delivery. All metering and mixing procedures are monitored and initiated by the control system so the operator is always able to confirm and modify as needed, and all properties are recorded for future review. Learn More
Continuous Mixing is the process of continuously metering ingredients directly into the mixing chamber and as a result, generating a continuous stream of mixed product at the exit of the mixer. Learn More
Gravimetric, Loss-in-Weight technology provides precise, uninterrupted dry ingredient metering to the Mixer. Learn More
Flow-meters connected to the closed loop control system ensure that the liquid ingredients are accurately delivered to the Mixer in coordination with the dry ingredients. Learn More
Dry materials from the materials blending station and from outdoor silos are transferred into the mixing area to the receivers above the dry materials feeders. Learn More
Dry ingredients can be introduced to the system in a number of ways. The most common methods include ingredients from a silo, a bulk bag, or a dumping station for smaller containers. Ingredient additions can be completely automated, manual or somewhere in between. Learn More
Dry ingredients are most often blended in advance to improve consistency, add system flexibility and reduce costs. Micro ingredients are sometimes added directly to the blender to ensure their proper distribution. Learn More